Beyond Typical Bathroom & Kitchen 
Design  Remodeling

We haven’t gotten this far with subpar bathroom & Kitchen designs. Our approach and focus on the details keep our clients ecstatic and homeowners seeking us out all over the tri-state area.

Our Expertise

Using 25 years of skills and relationships we aim to match our client’s passion for making their home a masterpiece. Specializing in kitchen and bathroom design and renovation we continue to reset the bar of excellence with each new client.

The B&B Difference

The way that we approach each project is what truly sets us apart from our competition.

Every project always starts with a free consultation where our owner works with you to understand your goals and provide a completely free estimate. We will even give you different design options tailored to your needs and budget. This estimate is fully itemized so you know where each dollar is going to be spent and to allow full transparency throughout the process.

We are proud to be a fully independent contracting company, which means you are not limited to selecting items (such as vanities, tiles, fixtures etc.) from only one showroom. Instead, B&B is partnered with over 60 suppliers to provide a wide range of options for all clients and for projects of any style or budget. These partnerships also give us access to discounts that range anywhere from 5% to 35%. We pass those savings on to you so you can benefit from the highest rated craftsmen in your area as well as the best prices on all of your items!

Lastly, B&B works with a strict A-to-Z policy which means every team that starts a project will stay at that same project every day consecutively until it is finished. There will be no bouncing from one project to another.

It is that level of transparency and commitment to every client that has earned B&B Associates our long line of happy homeowners.


See Your Dream Bathroom as a Reality

To better assist those interested in new bathroom design, we’ve created a way for those to see their envisioned dream bathroom before their eyes through our new bathroom designer.

Step 1

Choose Your Layout

Select the footprint/ space of your bathroom that most closely resembles your area
Step 2

Pick Your Scope

Choose the things you’d like to accomplish with your bathroom and the scope of your project
Step 3

Pick Your Options

Bring your new bathroom to life with a selection of new style items such as Vanities, Faucets and Tiles. See what you current space can become, and how much will it cost

Free Consultation

If you’re unsure of where to begin, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can schedule a consultation with you to learn more about your bathroom remodeling project.