Family Owned and Operated

With a family-owned and operated business, our expertise has been passed down through generations, complete with a lifetime of lessons Lorenzo and Michael Barbulescu have acquired in the last 25 years. With a team of professionals in every field of construction, B&B Associates ensures a thorough execution of every project from start to completion.

Our Mission

To demonstrate how homeowners can achieve more without breaking the bank and attain their dream bathroom or kitchen, while receiving a full custom-tailored experience.

The B&B Team

We’ve applied our process and approach to a large team of experts so we can help more homeowners receive exceptional bathroom & Kitchen design services without affecting the high-quality focus and experience.

Start Designing

Our bathroom designer puts you in control of the layout and fixture selection giving you an idea of what your dream bathroom could cost.

Step 1

Choose Your Layout

Select the footprint/ space of your bathroom that most closely resembles your area
Step 2

Pick Your Scope

Choose the things you’d like to accomplish with your bathroom and the scope of your project
Step 3

Pick Your Options

Bring your new bathroom to life with a selection of new style items such as Vanities, Faucets and Tiles. See what you current space can become, and how much will it cost

Free Consultation

If you’re unsure of where to begin, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can schedule a consultation with you to learn more about your bathroom remodeling project.